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Michael E. “Mick” Fox, P.C.

Your estate-planning documents might be one of the most important details in planning for your future. There will come a time when your will, your trust, and your other estate planning documents will be the only documents remaining that will help identify your ultimate wishes.

If you want to be in charge of your assets and personal objectives, you can contact us to draft your estate planning documents as soon as possible.


Michael E. “Mick” Fox, P.C.

Michael E. “Mick” Fox, P.C. takes pride in ensuring that your complete estate plan is in agreement with Texas estate planning laws, at all times. Rest assured, whether you are planning for the dispersal of your assets, such as preparing living wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents, we are here to help.

Michael E. “Mick” Fox, P.C. will give you legal guidance and path needed to execute a complete estate plan, which both arranges your assets according to your wishes and meets your long term personal financial objectives.

Suitable Clients

Michael E. “Mick” Fox, P.C.

A revocable living trust can be appropriate for many individuals:
* Anyone with minor children
* Anyone Owning Real Estate
* Anyone Owning Real Estate in more than one state (to avoid ancillary probate)
* Anyone who owns a business
* Anyone with concerns about their health or their future ability to manage their own financial affairs
* Anyone who wants to keep their affairs at death or incapacity, private to avoid public record and exposure
* Anyone who is single or who cares for themselves
* Anyone who is in unmarried domestic partnerships
* Anyone who is elderly or ill